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Captivated by the story, the reader shall have the unique chance to get close to and be well acquainted with “Eva”. This book will sure intrigue you.

Michael Fais - Typos tis Kiriakis.


 ... Well written with simple and direct language, Eva comes to confirm the promises of the two previous novels of G. L. We all know that without fantasies there are no tolerable realities. Eva belongs to these fantasies which very few of us did not have the chance to experience ...

Richard Someritis - Vima.


An interesting story, a piece of literary work with an intriguing plot, excellent depiction of characters, their emotions, their struggles etc. It is a work that augments our respect to the author and his previous books...

Stelios Artemakis - Naftemboriki


The fascinating style, the admirable description of mental and psychological struggles within the main characters, the excellent manipulation of the allegorical elements, the exceptional narrative pace and the vivid presence of the pure ‘social hour’ enhance the work of this author.

Dimitris Siatolpoulos - Estia

Eva is a novel with a ‘fast’ development of events. With the sudden and unanticipated changes that so often occur in it, it continually keeps the interest of the reader alert...

 Tania Rahmatoulina - New Epoch, Nicosia


The House over the Catacombs

 The myth moves inside human activities, real or metaphysical ones, since they complete each other and conduct our every day actions... The characters become familiar to the reader as he/she identifies in their actions his/ her own elements ( and this is an essential quality of a good writer). The narration urges you to read out the book as fast as possible. The language is simple and direct and the writer’s knowledge of the ancient Greek literature is humbly exposed in the book. Thus, he manages to get deeper  into the concept of the myth without violating its cohesion... It is not only an enjoyable story but also a didactic one...

 K. I. Tsaousis - Ethnos   


 “A mystery” novel of which all elements without exception: love, deaths, mysticism in Alexandria, etc- contribute to it’s distinction. It is a novel that should be read by readers who crave for suspense and shuddering.



 ...A fascinating story is ‘fabricated’ which at times reminds us of a detective story and at others it touches the bounds of occultism. It is a breathtaking story... 



 ...There are moments of tenderness, sadness and horror in which the reader feels that he/she is a participant. The playful, jocular mood is one of the most difficult means of expression that is used by the writer to reach this excellent result....

Rigas Kapatos - Proini of New York


Tragedy is a superior expression of literature because it envelops the heroic tension of efforts, the determination of causes, the conflicts, the struggles and emotions... G. L. elevates this element of tragic and saturates it with the forms of  ancient drama...

Thimios Papanikolaou - Kerdos


The Magnet’s Poles

... The myth unfolds through a fascinating plot. The pictures and events are changing all the time making this novel even more interesting, even more intriguing. The dialogues are phrases, ‘bullet-like’ words that widen the reader’s awareness of the characters in the book. There is no point in the novel where the reader gets tired or bored. As the reader advances in reading, his interest will become even more intensified...

Kostas Sardelis - Nea Estia


... The journalistic quality of the writer is revealed behind the plot of his story, through his direct and straightforward writing, as well as through the details in the plot that disclose the analytical mind of the writer...

Tea Vassiliadou - Ependitis


... It is a well-written book, penetrating, realistic and breathtaking. The main characters are common, ordinary people, our contemporaneous, and this is mainly the reason why the reader is so fascinated by the novel. The writer manipulates our ‘age’ with mastery, artifice and imagination and presents the events unadulterated, as they really are. Consequently, the reader can make moral deductions and contemplate that in this story he/ she can identify everyone else but himself...

Aggeliki Tsirigoti - Revmata


... It is an excellent novel with a smooth and lively style and intangible psychological expressions that expand over the decadence and the wisdom of the people. Through his stimulating social portrayal, his sarcastic narration and the harmonious movements of the characters as well as their psychological and mental descriptions, he composes fascinating prose, ‘ripe’, and inventive especially as far as events and ‘perspectives’ are concerned ...

Dimitris Siatopoulos - Estia.


Lovers of the Earth

The ‘galloping’, resourceful fantasy of the writer, his ‘snug’ narrative ability, his admirable energy in depicting scenes of everyday life, his thorough, philosophical and at times witty confrontation of reality as well as his spontaneous portrayal of characters through his flowing and many-sided narration synthesize his novel, “Lover’s of the Earth".

Erricos Hatzianestis - Sychroni Skepsi  


 ... A journey in the adventure of writing. It is a story that overflows with sensitivity, personal anguish, passion and desire for Life which  invariably challenges death and is characterized by the pursuit of adventure in the domain of the unknown and the yearning for stability and a "home" land...

Tea Vassiliadou - Ependitis


 ... It is a genuine novel as there is a continuous -  although at times interrupted- narrative development of characters and their relationship and this is not a negligible achievement...

Dimosthenis Kourtovic - Ta Nea


 He narrates his story with such an ease, that he stimulates, provokes and fascinates his reader at the same time... An ancient symbolic formula is applied in the pages of G. Leonardo’s book and the outcome is commended...

Kostas Sardelis


The Song of the Soul 

In his new novel G. L hands his readers a fascinating heroine, a heroine that many authors before him would have loved to create. She is a character that surpasses and overshadows events and other characters in the book. She never yields to circumstances and never surrenders to anyone... She will reach her ‘Ithaca’ having sung  ‘the song of her soul’  for a thousand times...

Chr. Papageorgiou - Diavazo


 ....With his new novel, G. L is remarkably closer to the specifications of good commercial literature. The ‘song of the soul’ encompasses richness of experience that is unusual for modern Greek literature.

Dimosthenis Kourtovic - Ta Nea


 ...The last work of G. L. is a breath of Greece, faint music that turns into summer breeze, a novel that speaks of the heart and at the same time describes an era that is lost for ever behind the waves of the Mediterranean...

Antonis Karatzaferis - Eleftheros Typos


 ... It is about a multi-faceted, realistic novel, with subtle romantic tinges,  a flowing narration and a depiction of characters and events that lure and entice the reader. In this book the writer’s psychological power is dominant...

Stelios Artemakis - Naftemboriki


... With simple, direct but ‘compact’ language, the writer draws out memories that compose the ‘tapestry’ of an era and at the same time the journey of the soul... 


It is a tender and strong story with biographical elements that touch our souls..



Barbarossa the Pirate


No matter how odd or blasphemous it may sound, I found the two novels: “ The Quest ” by N. Themelis and “ Barbarossa the Pirate ” by George Leonardos more genuinely balanced and convincing...

Dimosthenis Kourtovic - Ta Nea


... In his seventh novel “ Barbarossa the Pirate” , G. L. managed to apprehend in the 397 pages of the book the “whirl ” that sweeps a distant past and a historical era that is unknown to most of us...

Antonis Karatzaferis - Eleftheros Typos


... G. Leonardos describes the reckless attractions of Barbarossa’s life with a mixture of awe and nonchalance. His book was much talked about at last month’s Frankfurt Book Fare, where English and American publishers were discussing translation rights...

Hugh Barnes, Herald Tribune - Kathimerini (English Edition) 


... Apart from the adventures of the heroes in this book, the drama of the struggle for survival in Medieval South Europe is presented through a very ‘informative’ canvas that comprises samples of social classes of a wider area with convincing and explicit descriptions that ‘betray’ the amount of research the writer was engaged in... 


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